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Analog Factory is a powerful, yet extremely easy to use virtual instrument
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Analog Factory is a program that will put a synthesizer on your PC. You will be able to emulate in your computer 4 types of synthesizers: ARP2600 V, CS80 V, MiniMOOG V and MOOG Modular V. Then, you can choose which synthesized sound you will like the keyboard to play. You can choose the type of the sound (bass, brass, sfx, fm, guitar, lead, organ, pad, percussive, piano, sequence or strings) and the characteristic (acid, aggressive, ambient, bizarre, etc.). Analog Factory will show you a list with the sounds in its library that match the combination of instrument, type and characteristic. You can then test how it sounds by playing the keyboard. Once you get the basic sound that you like, you can modify it further, by using the level, filter, lfo, key parameters, chorus, delay, envelope and octave controls. You will also be able to edit the pitch bend range, polyphony, sequence step size and LFO MIDI sync for your sound.

The demo version has some limitations: It only has 137 presets available, and you can´t save your modified presets. The registered version includes other two synthesizers: Prophet V and Jupiter-8V.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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